This blog was started because of an idea: We wanted to create a place where we could share thoughts and opinions and create a community where respectful discussions, even on sensitive topics, can take place.

Our Mission Statement:

“We are writers and thinkers who aim to glorify God and create an atmosphere of respectful discussion and connection between people of different values and opinions. We welcome you to our blog and invite you to join in our mission to bridge the gap, learn from each other, and understand the issues that divide us.”

If you would like to connect with us or contribute to our blog, contact us or visit our Facebook page.

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Our Contributors Are: Justine S., Alyssa Wright & Courtney Whitaker.

Justine is a proud Ravenclaw who believes her patronus is a Mockingjay (it’s not). She loves books and is always buying books even though she never manages to read all of them. She is a huge Broadway fan and can often be found listening to different soundtracks. She loves music of all genres (from classical to EDM to 80’s British pop) and has dabbled in learning about six different instruments. She is a homeschooled senior in high-school who is dual enrolled at community college and is working on starting her own business. She also works as the Marketing Director for a non-profit learning center called BEREA Academy STL.

Alyssa is a writer to her core and a huge bibliophile. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and spending time with her friends. She has two younger brothers and lives with her parents and grandparents in the midwest region of the US. Currently she works at her local Panera Bread. In October she started Praxis and will likely be relocating in April. In November, she released her debut poetry collection, Inside a Writer’s Head. To connect with her or to find more of her work outside the blog, visit her portfolio website.

Courtney is a writer, a reader, and a lover of all things cats, warm tea, and Hallmark. She is currently a youth leader at her church and pursuing a double major at Liberty University in Education and Theology. In the future, she would like to teach and write books geared towards teens and young adults. You can find more of her writing on 1timothy412girl.com, where she posts weekly about all things faith and life.